MinXus Mail Bag: Rebecca Guyver (Suffolk, UK) ruminates upon the English language, Trashpo, etc.

Rebecca - trashpo - 1

Mail-art by Rebecca Guyver (Suffolk, UK)

MinXus USA recently came across this interesting piece from Miss Becca, mailed to us some time ago, that was inadvertently sidelined from the archival track (beneath some rather large objects). We are very pleased to present it to you now so that we may share her compelling insights:

Rebecca - trashpo - 2

We find this a missive matching the complexity and thoughtfulness of similar pieces by our esteemed friend Not Hi Ng, O.T.M. Thus, for the most part, we let Miss Becca’s word stand on their own, first because they can and impressively, second because our insights would appear – at best – feeble in this most dazzling light.  We will add, however, to connect the two themes in Miss Becca’s message, that Trashpo differs from merely “found art”  because of the importance of textuality and language: ties that can be made to poetry.

It is our deepest wish that Tenderfoots enjoy this piece as much as we do. A belated thanks to Miss Becca!


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