MinXus Mail Bag: David Aronson (Willow Grove, Pennsylvania, USA) sends forever Jung mail-art plus alchemical show call – send your work!

David Aronson - 1

Mail-art by David Aronson (Willow Grove, Pennsylvania, USA)

Here at the Mink Ranch we are familiar with David Aronson’s outsider art that can be described as visionary, surreal and grounded in Jungian psychology. This is the first time we’ve had the pleasure to receive his work.  In addition to some great drawings, he sent a call for an exhibition he is hosting. Send David your best alchemical renderings and mutations, Tenderfoots!

David Aronson - 4

In addition to the lovely drawing at the top of the blog, David included this transparency:

David Aronson - 2

Dark wall thought that perhaps the face was supposed to be overlain upon the drawing and so tried this experiment:

David Aronson - 3

Cool, sort of, but we are thinking this is not what David intended.

David Aronson - 5


Many thanks to David Aronson. We are sure he checks the mailbox every day for his autographed Mink Rancher photo with a personal message and authentic souvenir. It’s on the way

To learn more about David Aronson and his work, have a gander at his website:



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