MinXus Mail Bag: Wildlife drawing by Lynda Jo Thornbrugh (Prosser, Washington, USA)

Lynda Jo Thornbrugh

Mail-art by Lynda Jo Thornbrugh (Prosser, Washington, USA)

Miss Lynda Jo is a talented, representational artist from Washington State whose wildlife drawings, particularly drawings of birds, caught our eye at Yoma.

She sent us this lovely envelope art and a warm personal letter. We had urged Lynda Jo to enter the Can YOU Draw the Mink Contest? but – alas – she demured, a great loss for us. She did consider drawing a lynx and wrote: “I drew some lynxes, but I did not find them interesting or even remotely good. Tho as I write this, I realize my self-talk is that I can’t draw them, which spurs my curiosity.”

Miss Lynda Jo, we welcome your wonderful wildlife art at the Mink Ranch anytime!


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