MinXus Mail Bag: Uli Grohmann (Muenster, Germany) surrenders “Nerzissmus Weltweit” to MinXus-Lynxus: “Nerzissmus – Weltweit” now collective property of all exploited & oppressed peoples everywhere

uhli - 1

“Nerzissmus – Weltweit” stamp circulated by Uli Grohmann (Muenster, Germany) – seized and liberated by MinXus-Lynxus

Uhli - 2

MinXus-Lynxus Rulings:

Uli Grohmann – Charges of heinous crimes & subversive activities against MinXus-Lynxus dismissed.

Uli Grohmann – MinXus-Lynxus commends Uli Grohmann for alerting network to spreading TOXIS pathology of Worldwide Narcissism, social-cultural construct bio-organism of bourgeois elite posers and capitalist parasite dilettantes.

Torma Cauli – Charges of heinous crimes (in collusion with Uli Grohmann) dismissed.

Case closed. No appeals


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Uli Grohmann
    Jan 02, 2013 @ 18:29:48

    you got wise to me


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