Hole by FluXus artist liketelevisionsnow (Tamworth, New Hampshire, USA) to appear in MinXus-Lynxus International Exhibition of Holes

ltvs - 1

Hole by liketelevisionsnow for the International Exhibition of Holes

Dark wall is thrilled to have procured this piece for the International Exhibition of Holes by respected friend liketelevisionsnow. We made his acquaintance pre-MinXus and have been big fans and followers of his work for several years now. While his work is diverse, spanning many genres, we consider him an important contributor to contemporary Fluxus. Certainly holes – or symbols that signify holes – appear frequently in Fluxus visual poetry. Litsa Spathi (Netherlands) and Allan Revich (Canada) are prime examples, and liketelevisionsnow’s piece seems very much in that spirit.

ltvs -2

liketelevisionsnow’s work is currently held by MinXus USA and we will coordinate with Empress Marie to bring all the works together in a stunning display of holes. For now, enjoy!

Many thanks to liketelelvisionsnow!

For more liketelevisionsnow, make sure to checkout:



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