MinXus USA acquires rare self-portrait of E – Ambassador of Utopia, O.T.M. (Guivry, France) + fantastic stamps!

e - stamps - 1

Mail-art by E – Ambassador of Utopia (Guivry, France)

Our esteemed Ambassador – artist, philosopher and diplomat – has graced the MinXus USA collection with this extraordinary self-portrait combining stamps, ink, and collage. This is the first depiction of a member of the Order of the Tangerine Mink we have acquired. We are so excited our thoughts fly to the vision of a grand hall honouring all the noble members of the order, crowned by a portrait of the Empress Marie Antonette.

The Ambassador of Utopia has also applied his endless talents and genius to the design of OFFICIAL MinXus stamps, which we shall employ in our correspondence:

e - stamps -2

Here at MinXus USA we are humbled by E’s work, and our own efforts seem like pale reflections for, we believe, he captures the essence of the mink and MinXus:

e - stamps - 3

Here the mink is unmuzzled. We still ponder the sublime message.

e - stamps - 4

On the left is the E portrait stamp. He is currently conducting a call for red and black art and does much work himself within that theme.

e - stamps - 5

The skull is also a persistent theme in his work. And of course a wonderful envelope:

e - stamps - 6

Deepest thanks to our dear friend for these MinXus treasures!


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