Rare MinXus relics from Kerri Pullo (Tucson, Arizona, USA) document genesis of GAsemics Series

kerri - gasemics - 1

Mail-art by Kerri Pullo (Tucson, Arizona, USA)

“MinXus is about the quest for beauty and truth,” we once proclaimed.

Yet due to the dead-weight gravity pull of bar fights, pissin’ matches, TOXIS agents, Neoists, wysteria, more wysteria, investigations, secret missions and so much other horror, we are diverted and distracted.

In this moment of relative calm, we take the opportunity to begin a long-overdue retrospective of work by dearest friend Kerri Pullo. She is, in our estimation, on the frontline of new asemic writers in addition to being a superb artist in general. She is also a MinXus-Lynxus regular who was a winner of the “Can YOU Draw the Mink?” contest during Solar Festival 2012.

A while back, too long ago, Miss Kerri sent an envelope with material from the beginning of the now world-renowned GAsemics Series.

Tenderfoots need no introduction to this Miss Kerri-DVS collab that is still ongoing. Above is Miss Kerri’s collage that forms the basis of GAsemics #1:

GAsemics - Pullo & Sloan

GAsemics #1 – Kerri Pullo & De Villo Sloan collab

Miss Kerri’s collage is a wonderful contribution to the MinXus USA Archives and enables us to document further various aspects of the GAsemics Series. Here is the reverse side of Miss Kerri Pullo’s historic work:

Kerri - asemics - 4

This also makes it possible for us to “reshoot” new variations directly from the original. Here are two postcard-size photos she sent:

Kerri - asemics - 2

While part of a larger work, Miss Kerri’s pieces certainly stand by themselves. Here are the reverse sides:

Kerri - asemics - 3

These provide a glimpse at Miss Kerri’s asemic magic. She experiments with a wide variety of styles, sometimes producing works with paint very much in the tradition of Cy Twombly; yet she also makes more text-oriented pieces of note. Here are some smaller asemics that were included in the envelope:

kerri - asemics - good

A bit of found poetry came with it. Here’s the reverse side. We are guessing these can be used as stamps:

Kerri - asemics - 6

The work came in a beautiful, hand-painted envelope:

Kerri - asemics - 7

Many thanks Miss Kerri!

Tenderfoots might not realize Miss Kerri Pullo is an invited, officially deputized MinXus-Lynxus blog contributor. She can post anything, any time she likes. And we hope we get exclusives on any new work she is will to share with us!

More Kerri Pullo work will be posted in due order!


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