This is not MinXus. This is Trashpo Cerealism from Arac (aka Miss Cara) of Huntsville, Alabama, USA

Cara - 1

Trashpo Cerealism by Arac (Miss Cara) Huntsville, Alabama, USA

We are pleased to welcome new correspondent Miss Cara from the sunny south to the Mink Ranch. Miss Cara is a disciple of Trashpo, and she is acclaimed, in particular, for her cereal box art aka Cerealism.

Cara - 2

This (above) is an absolutely beautiful – dare we call it lush? – cerealist collage measuring approximately 8.5 X 11 inches. Cerealists – connecting to the larger practice of visual poetry from which Trashpo is derived, enjoy playing with the letters in addition to the images.

Cara - 3

Cerealism has noble roots in the Great Tradition of mail-art. Our investigations suggest that Ray Johnson himself likely established the genre. Indeed, dearest friend Karen Champlin of the Chicago area reports having swapped cereal boxes with Ray in her youth. The slick surfaces and subject matter of cerealism do seem to suggest Pop Art. All “insiders” (wink, wink) know for a fact Mr. Andy Warhol borrowed the Pop Art concept from our beloved RayJo.

Miss Cara has “got it all together” with stamps and packaging. This is a very “groovy unit”:

Cara - 4

And the reverse:

Cara - 5

Thank you so much for this lovely work, Miss Cara. We hope you will stay in touch with all your Mink Ranch friends and keeps us posted on all the comings and goings in Huntsville.


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