Beware the MinXus [now we know why they are muzzled] – Vizma Bruns from MinXus Waitpinga

MinXus Waitpinga mail! With 2 free materpieces inside? Of course we’ll open immediately!

Vizma has promised to send some paper bark / paperbark, and though she forgot to include it in the envelope, this mail is quite barky as it is.

I don’t know what the rules are at the Mink Ranch, but we know that Ambassador E for instance is muzzling his minks on some of his authentic MinXus stamps.
Vizma is well aware of this fact and has pushed the investigation a little further. No, minks are not always the sweet, soft and fluffy creatures we think they are. Have you ever seen what it looks like inside a mink’s throat? Well, now you have!
Vizma, this is such a good laugh, thank you so much for sending! And there is more to come with your piece of Holism for the International MinXus-Linux Exhibition of Holes – coming soon…

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