MinXus-Lynxus First International Exhibition of Holes – Holalalism from Laurence Gillot (Nancy, France)

The other day I was saying that Holism wouldn’t work in French because hole translates as trou, a rather ugly word, and Holism would become Trouism, even uglier. But Laurence found a brilliant way around it by naming it Holalalism, which not only refers to holes but also sounds very French at the same time (don’t pronounce the H and you’ll see). Excellent, Laurence.

Look at this fantastic envelope, one could jump right into it!

Laurence is sending back her contribution to the Exhibition of Holes, and we are yet again in awe in front of our international artists’ creativity and ingenuity.
With this “tentative de rapprochement” two boats become one, fastened by a rivet-Hole. An attempted approach – not much doubt as to who initiated it – turned into success thanks to MinXus. We like your sense of humor, Laurence. This goes straight into the MinXus-Lynxus Catalog of Holes, many thanks for your brilliant participation!

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