MinXus Mail Bag: Dispatch from E – Ambassador of Utopia (Guivry, France)

Mail-art by E – Ambassador of Utopia (Guivry, France)

The Ambassador, one of the great living mail-artists of France, in addition to being a scholar, scientist, philosopher, diplomat as well as a staunch supporter of MinXus-Lynxus sent us this dispatch, which we share with you.

The Ambassador now communicates with us, especially Empress Marie, concerning affairs of state that involve MinXus and their great nation. In this work, The Ambassador reminds us all that IUOMA (International Union of Mail-Artists) aka Yoma down on the mink ranch, is celebrating a 25th anniversary:

With the explosion of “social media,” we can only assume IUOMA’s greatest triumphs are still ahead.

Merci, E – Ambassador of Utopia. We look forward to many more exchanges.


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. minxuslinxus
    Nov 03, 2012 @ 23:15:28

    The Ambassador of Utopia has done a huge amount of work to promote Minxus. He truly deserves the Order the Tangerine Mink. His holes are equally fab. More on this later…
    Thanks for posting! btw, I cannot comment on the other posts. I like Dw’s yellow vispow.


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