MinXus Mail Bag: A kind thank you and visual poetry from Miss Svenja Wahl (Heidelberg, Germany)

Mail-art by Svenja Wahl (Heidelberg, Germany)

Miss Svenja sent us a thank you card for (if we recollect accurately) a MinX Kit Care Package Dw sent her late in the summer, as she is prone to overwork which can lead to exhaustion and perhaps even wysteria. We always hope Miss Svenja takes time to smell the roses.

She is much admired down on the mink ranch for her collage work and visual poetry (vispo) that frequently involves at least one layer of images upon the foundation of the always interesting, often aged text she has a talent for finding. One can locate interesting fonts and graphic  design styles marking various eras of popular culture.

The discolouration and sometimes deterioration of the paper only enhances her art and reminds us of that Japanese school of decomposing materiality that Mr. John Held, Jr. is celebrating in his upcoming, and very exciting we are sure, exhibition in San Francisco.

This most exceptional piece she sent us seems to have used a woodcut print, although we would not bet the ranch on that speculation. Here is a detail of our pride and joy:

More detail focusing on text:

Miss Svenja managed to achieve some very subtle and beautiful textures with this piece. The address side of the card is sweet and entertaining:

This communication gave us pause to visit Miss Svenja’s blog to see if there was any recent work we have not seen, given the toils and travails that sometimes serve to detach up from higher and perhaps even Godly pursuits. Indeed, we missed a great deal. She has been moving from one creative triumph to the next. Seriously tenderfoots, have a look at the “awesome” work Miss Svenja has been doing, if you are not already devoted fans:



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