Dean Marks throws a punch and makes Holism history

We were in for a great surprise the other day at the Manoir when we received this wonderful book from our favorite Artiste en Seine, sent in good Dean Marks tradition without an envelope, of course.

Dean is the first one to send something back for the hole mail art call. The piece of paper I have sent him for his hole homework was a picture of a sardine with apple taken from an old Japanese magazine. Making one hole was not good enough for Dean so he went and made a whole book out of it! This is much more than I could have wished for and provides the perfect opening to the Catalog of Holism.

So in Paris one can find Holism Punches at the market? What a dream of a city…

On the edge

Hart 2 Hart

32mm Drill

Note this

Flour 2 bred

Romantic Candle (my personal favorite)

Binding hole with hole punch (this was the original picture)

Due Drops

Drag Gone Flies

Cherry Cherry

Pin Code

Edge, but no Hole

Close, but no Hole

Catalog of Holism… we are not on the same page. Oh yes we are! We are on both sides of the same page and I can see you through the hole in it.
Dean, thanks a million for sending this wonderful book!!


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