MinXus Mail Bag: Carina Granlund (Petsmo, Finland) Confides in Mink Rancher

Mail-art by Carina Granlund (Petsmo, Finland)

Recently, on an unseasonably warm and sunny day, Mink Rancher was the object of everyone’s envy.

He opened an envelope at mail call and displayed the stunning work above from Miss Carina in Finland to all in attendance on the parade ground (and mail call is the most popular event of the day). The beautiful yellow hue of the work will always be a reminder of the near-perfect day when it arrived on the ranch.

The quote is curious but somehow uncannily appropriate. We were inspired to do a search for an example of an antique Turkish Kilim rug for they are indeed things of great beauty:

Antique Kilim Carpet

Miss Carina also sent a message of no little interest, which we share with you here:

Dear Mink Rancher,

Glad to hear from you – sad to hear about the dry creek though. Hope the minks still are alive? When my father was a young man his dream was to be a mink rancher. It did not happen.

– Carina

How deeply touching that Miss Carina enquired about the minks. The good news for Carina and all the tenderfoots is that the drought was short-lived and the end of August brought renewing rain. Dry Creek, which indeed had slowed to a trickle, was replenished. Under Dark wall’s watchful eye, the minks enjoyed many warm days at the creek, sunning among the rocks on Mink Island. Not one was lost.

What a sad tale of a dream deferred and then abandoned! At last we put pieces together: Miss Carina’s father dreamed of being a mink rancher and surely it is that desire, instilled in her at such an early age, that has led her to be such a faithful correspondent with so much interest in the ranch and its inhabitants.

Miss Carina, Mink Rancher is preparing a missive for you meant to console and also relate the hardships of life on a mink ranch and the pressures of its management. Many dream of being a Mink Rancher, but in truth it is a hard life.

Many thanks Carina. We look forward to many more exchanges.

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