MinXus Mail Bag: Mr. Richard Canard Sends a Didactic Missive from the Sunny South (Thomasville, North Carolina, USA)

Mail-art by Mr. Richard Canard (Thomasville, North Carolina, USA)

Our MinXus moms always told us we would be judged by the company we kept.

We want to believe this is not the reason why we continue to cultivate an esteemed personage such as Mr. Richard Canard on the Mink Ranch. We genuinely like him and appreciate his wisdom. We appreciate his efforts to encourage this generation of young ladies to turn their energies to the art of correspondence rather than other pursuits that are far less desirable but always a temptation.

(Did we mention Mr. Canard was a close associate of the late and distinguished Mr. Ray Johnson?)

We are completely sympathetic with Mr. Canard concerning all his pursuits. We dismiss as a bit of silliness all those allegations several years ago about individuals who were selling fake Ray Johnsons on ebay. Clearly egg remains on the faces of individuals having no knowledge of conceptual art or greedy collectors believing they were gaining an edge getting something for nothing. Would not the late Mr. Johnson have far more preferred receiving nothing for something with all its symbolic attachments?

Yes, Poor Richard. We are dancing as fast as we can.

We look forward to more lively exchanges with Mr. Canard.


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