MinXus Mail Bag: A Message of (Spare) Change through MinXus from E – Ambassador of Utopia (Guivry, France) – Member of the Order of the Tangerine Mink

Mail-art by E – Ambassador of Utopia (Guivry, France)

The Eternal Network has been abuzz with news of the return of the great French mail-artist E and his ringing endorsement of MinXus-Lynxus.

Indeed, Empress Marie Antonette responded immediately by naming her loyal subject to the prestigious and exclusive Order of the Tangerine Mink. E – a brilliant philosopher and scientist as well as artist and author – is a tremendous addition to this MinXus think tank of the greatest minds and talents of our generation.

MinXus USA was excited beyond measure to receive (above) this beautiful vispo poster championing E’s new message of change hand-in-hand with MinXus. The work is made with overlaying stamp/stencil letters; it highlights E’s refined sense of color and also provides an extraordinary three-dimensional quality.

Here is the reverse side:

MinXus-Lynxus views this as only the beginning of a beautiful relationship with the distinguished Ambassador of Utopia (if only we could now have an Ambassador from Venus!). Thank you E! Dark wall is working overtime to produce a special MinX Kit for you.

E manages a network of interesting blogs that encompass his various projects and interests:




The inspirational tale of E’s mysterious disappearance and then his heroic and triumphant return can be found here:


Note to all our Mink Ranch friends: Empress Marie is currently on another secret, extremely sensitive, and dangerous mission. With the ever-present threat of TOXIS and now our concern about rogue Neoists and the watchful eyes of the 14 Secret Masters of the World who have now unfortunately turned their icy gazes upon us, you will understand we are not at liberty disclose anything more about her activities.


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