MinXus Mail Bag: Asemic Visual Poetry from Matthew Stolte (Madison, Wisconsin, USA)

Visual asemic poetry by Matthew Stolte (Madison, Wisconsin, USA) recently acquired for the MinXus USA collection.

Our old Yoma pardner Matthew Stolte sent us this beautiful visual poetry that is a fine example of his more abstract and complex pieces that have rich textures and a liquid-like flow of shapes, distortions, recognizable letters and words that all-too-soon transform into asemics. Lyricism seems a most appropriate term.

Matt has been a good mail-art correspondent for about two years now, but this is his first appearance at the Mink Ranch. We offer a warm welcome; and as ever, admire his adventurous spirit.

Much of the work received from Matt previously (and blogged at the IUOMA) has been found materials. Others, however, are striking black and white compositions often tending toward the minimal; there is an echo of some of those pieces in the work above too. Well-versed in the conventions of mail-art, Matt makes good use of his envelopes:

And for all you tenderfoots who are following the David Zack investigation: Notice the red circle? If you are a careful MinXus-Lynxus reader, you know what the red circle means. Where else could you find a blog that tells you these things!  The reverse side of Matthew Stolte’s envelope includes some really fine, Trashpo-style asemics:

For a long time, Matt Stolte’s Illegitimate Prescriptions was a go-to blog for some of the best vispo around as well as a lot of relevant information. Unfortunately, the whole blog was pulled because, apparently, the host took exception to the title. A great source (for vispo not prescriptions) was lost. Matt now has a new blog up-and-running that looks as if it will eclipse Illegitimate Prescriptions. Make sure to visit:


Again, a warm welcome to Matt. A MinX Kit will arrive in Madison at least by the holidays.


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