Asemic poetry, concrete poetry, visual poetry for John M. Bennett (The 70 Project)

(Xerolage burnout version)


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  1. minxuslinxus
    Oct 05, 2012 @ 05:04:28

    Dw, if you keep outdoing yourself in this way all of you is going to be out and there will be nothing left in. I am not making any sense now but what I want to say is this is fabulous. I like the way the pieces reference each other, colors are gorgeous, and my personal fav: les enfants doivent danser et rester eveilles’. Balance and contrast at the same time.
    I think I prefer the non burnout version this time.
    OK, I’m talking too much, that’s it for today.


  2. minkrancher
    Oct 05, 2012 @ 08:55:09

    Thanks for the nice feedback Empress. Dw will ‘preciate it when he wakes up.

    We understand you are probably a little giddy with France and Europe falling at your feet like a bunch of dominoes.

    The b&w piece is retro – lookin back to the Xerox Age – the way Matt Stolte & David Chirot sometimes do similar pieces.

    Course it’s not done on a Xerox machine but you set the scanner on black & white & see what kinds of distortion you get – as Xerolage (as I think Miekal And named it) was about 37% distortion of the image.

    All three went off to Miss Mehrl & she can decide.


  3. minxuslynxus
    Oct 06, 2012 @ 00:11:22

    To be quite honest, this makes me want to be 70 too. I never play with my scanner because I don’t have a good relationship with it so it is sitting in its box most of the time. As a punishment. But that’s a very creative technique, Rancher. I’m sure you got it from Dw. Still in awe… the colors are so.. can’t describe…


  4. minkrancher
    Oct 08, 2012 @ 23:02:23

    Interesting comment, Empress. This kind of publishing – if you can call it that – has always been about finding the cheapest means of production by necessity.

    Maybe it’s just playing into corporate hands, but Xerox opened up all kinds of possibilities as scanners do now.

    Right from the start, the visual poets were always experimenting with the technology, the same way I suppose concrete poetry was experimenting with manual then electric typewriters.

    I suppose it’s the intermedia idea.


  5. minxuslynxus
    Oct 09, 2012 @ 02:28:49

    I think it’s great to experiment in this way. Unfortunately I have a loathe-hate relationship with my scanner. And it’s reciprocal. So I will never produce this kind of work. I’m enjoying seeing it all the more.


  6. tomas
    Oct 29, 2012 @ 16:34:45

    ahguine me puede desir la relacion q existe entre con la poesia concrea con la poesia visual y la poesia sonora


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