Postai Elemeket Füzet from Torma Cauli

MinXus is happy to present this new book by Torma Cauli. I am calling it “postal item booklet” according to some piece of text I have found inside this mail and have vaguely run through google translate, but Torma would probably not quite agree with this title.

Unfortunately I do not speak any Hungarian, which is really a pity when holding this book in my hands, because all the text is in Hungarian. Even so, I think one can still enjoy the combination of text and image a great deal.

Torma has very successfully worked with layering. Layering of image on text, but also text on text, with different fonts, different sizes, some of them partially erased. The very colorful island central to the book creates a kind or anchor or home ground.

The text on the last page of the book seems to deal more specifically with mail-art matters and Fluxus elements, featuring Ray Johnson, Yves Klein, George Maciunas. Here again it would be nice to know a bit more about Torma’s ideas when he crafted this book.

Many thanks for sending us this great piece of work, Torma!


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  1. minkrancher
    Oct 02, 2012 @ 19:01:56

    Empress, I am sure happy we have been able to make the ‘quaintance of Count Tore My Cauliflower. He makes mighty clever Trashpo from pieces o’ them ol’ Russkie tanks & now here he is with mighty purty books.

    He’s goin on there ’bout Rayjo & Boy George & some story ’bout the Fluxus gang butt I dont doubt for a minute every word of it is true.


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