Toe-tally MinXus – MinXus USA Acquires New Work by Empress Marie Antonette Including the Masterwork “The 33rd Death of MinXus”

Authentic impressions of Empress Marie’s toes (detail of a larger work)

MinXus USA is thrilled to share scans of recently acquired work by Empress Marie Antonette. Only one other toe-print piece is known to exist; it is held in the collection of Grigori Antonin (Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA) along with one of her teeth she sent him. The new acquisitions also include stunning visual poetry by the Empress:

Her recent interest in lexicons is revealed in the work above as well as in several more literary pieces that appear in this posting. We think this is a particularly stunning work:

Outstanding use of color, composition, and found material. While not scanned well, this haptic choptstick assemblage (below) is a stellar and unique work:

Entitled “The 33rd Death of MinXus – a vision of the empress,” the work makes numerous references to Dark wall’s visual poetry, especially “Stations of the Cross.” The chopsticks, of course, form a cross as well as the letter X. The Empress is specifically referencing “The CruciFluxion of Dark wall” and the demise of MinXus prior to its rebirth celebrated in “The Treaty of Alsace.” We find clear references to the Monkey Purge and the cryptic circles.

The chopsticks are secured with bandaids, which were used frequently by Dark wall in his vispo circe the era of “Stations of the Cross.” The bandaids were a reference to “Bandaged Orchestra” and its metaphorical possibilities.

It will take further study to determine if all the birth-death-rebirth cycles of MinXus are encoded in the piece. We expect it is possible, which would make “The 33rd Death of MinXus” not only a major MinXus visual poem but an epic record of its history.

We have obtained several pages of Empress Marie’s lexicon. These are being circulated elsewhere, but we are pleased to have what essentially constitutes originals:

Another page:

Acquisitions include Japanese cowboy ephemera from the Empress:

The decorated envelopes qualify as mail-art as well as useful for purposes of documentation:

Wonderful MinXus stamps!

It is our great honour and joy indeed to enter these stunning works into the MinXus USA permanent collection.


13 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. minxuslinxus
    Sep 30, 2012 @ 01:54:22

    Thank you for this great blog, Rancher! Oh dear, what happened to the address?? That’s terrible. Was it really erased in this way? What if it never made it to the mink ranch? Do I have to dump this pen??
    The death of minxus piece is indeed challenging for a scanner. But I like the way it came out, some parts blurred some parts very sharp, it gives it a very interesting twist. I’m happy and essentiellement beaucoup chuffed the package was that well received.


  2. minkrancher
    Sep 30, 2012 @ 02:10:00

    Empress, this is mighty fine work, and we almost lost it.

    Dw picked it up at the Post Office. He opened it up and tried to run off with it because he wanted to keep the toes for hisseff.

    I found all of it hid under his bunk where the adress got rubbed off.


  3. minxuslinxus
    Sep 30, 2012 @ 02:28:32

    Well, that’s alright then. You know, it was made for Dark wall anyway so I’m happy to hear he wanted to keep it for himself.


  4. minxususa
    Sep 30, 2012 @ 03:37:53

    Empress, you are so lenient with Dw I am afraid you’ll be accused of being partial to him.

    This art belongs on exhibit for everyone to see and not hid under a bunk so some no ‘count can look at your paw prints with a flashlight after “lights out” in the Bunk House.


  5. minxuslinxus
    Sep 30, 2012 @ 04:10:07

    Well, it’s really no news of the day that the empress has some very partial sweet tooth.
    But I’m surprised you are not wondering why there appears to be only 4 toes? Maybe this is not human.


  6. minxususa
    Sep 30, 2012 @ 09:11:33

    Are they not toe impressions?


  7. minxuslinxus
    Sep 30, 2012 @ 11:20:34

    They’re my toes alright, Dw, I wasn’t toe-ing with you. I got four of them. How many do you have?


  8. minxususa
    Sep 30, 2012 @ 11:25:54



  9. minxuslinxus
    Sep 30, 2012 @ 12:41:41

    Me too. All is well.


  10. suffolkrebecca
    Oct 04, 2012 @ 15:10:13

    All quite amazing. Hope you’re not still bored? The toe print reminds me of the work of Yonatantsav He once sent me something with light sensitive ink that changed colour depending on the weather.


  11. minkrancher
    Oct 04, 2012 @ 16:58:10

    Thanks for the link Miss Becca, and glad you dropped by.

    I meant to include something of yours in the current M-L blog at Yoma, but Ning cut it off. I am working on a Part II that will include yours, but I have some scanning to do.

    You inspired a Holism call (Empress announces it above) so I want to amplify that.

    M-a is on it’s way to you as it has been mailed, and Dw did not use the money at the Stop-and-Go for Slim Jims and Co-Cola.


  12. suffolkrebecca
    Oct 04, 2012 @ 19:10:41

    I am going to a school in the outback of Suffolk tomorrow and plan to ask the children how they would make holes and to purloin their ideas for the Minxus Mail-art call.
    Such a relief that I won out over slim jims and coca cola. My brother had a particular passion for slim jims. He used to buy them at the 7-11. We don’t have those here.


  13. minxuslinxus
    Oct 05, 2012 @ 00:38:56

    Rebecca, that would be great! Oh my. With the mink rancher we were saying that we would not be able to handle a mail-art call per se on M-L right now, so I will be sending out pieces to be “holed” along with my usual mail. But any spontaneous hole that anyone wants to send is very much welcome, of course. We would be over the moon with this.


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