MinXus Mail Bag: Bifidus Jones (St. Paul, Minnesota, USA) asks, “Is MinXus the New Rat Pack?”

For a mail-art identity, our good friend Bifidus Jones uses the image of a Bison. That is the Bifidus brand, to appropriate briefly the corrupted language of commerce, and we love the soul of Bifidus as well as the amazing art.

We are not sure if Bifidus is a woman or a man, and it doesn’t matter because when the Tangerine Oncoming brings The New Disorder we will all be as One under the Romantic fascism of Empress Marie and the restored French monarchy. Only we will pay a lot more attention to our hair. However, that has not stopped endless speculation about the identity of Bifidus Jones.

Bifidus sent this playful piece depicting – our popcult research team assures us – the infamous Hollywood Rat Pack. Remember? Frank, Dean, Sammy Davis, etc. They are overlain across a fine example of Bifidus’s image-textual collage, in this case using maps. Bifidus has done some fine work with maps.

We are a little concerned about the rat-mink thing, especially in Minnesota.

G-Man (Minnesota Fluxus) contends there is no difference between a mink and any other rodent. Thus, one might deduce: A mink=A rat. Some dare to utter a protest and disagree. Perhaps the real rat in the pack deflects attention away from himself by pointing at the fair minks and screaming: “Rat in your jammies!”

Further, in addition to possibly linking the mink to the rat via the Rat Pack, is our friend Bifidus asking if MinXus is an exclusive clique of the marvellously talented? This is a valid concern and we assure or gentle readers completely unwarranted.

As if wonders were never to cease, Bifidus sent more vispo on the reverse side and another thought-provoking question:

Go with Bifidus into the Void?

It cannot be A-Void-ed.

Many thanks, ol’ pardner. Don’t be scarce down on the ranch.


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  1. Minkoo
    Sep 28, 2012 @ 03:43:30

    There is no place for any kind of fascism in the kingdom. Not even a romantic one. Hairdressers will have special status though.


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