Something Special from Carina Granlund

Good news at the Manoir aux Visons, I think I am special! Take a close look at Carina’s card and tell me. Are you special too?

I’m sure you are.

Carina is never out of new concepts. Whatever her message is, she always manages to get it through with brilliance. She is a MinXus frequent flyer and we highly appreciate having her onboard. With this card I -again- feel the need to sub-categorize visual poetry in a way or another, because I think this is visual poetry, but branching towards… I don’t know, something very specific I cannot define. Maybe people at the mink ranch will know better and help me out.

This card is about Europe / Landscape / Home / Language / Identity. The other day we were talking about living at the edge of the Finnish Forest. The edge of Europe. How many languages in Europe alone? Where does one feel at home and what exactly defines one’s identity? Just like this text, can it be shuffled, slightly shifted? How much can it be shuffled until it becomes something (someone) else that is not us anymore?

A large part of the back of the card is delineated as empty space. But is it still empty space if empty space is in it? I’m sure MinXus, always concerned with issues of emptiness, void, holes, will happily take up this case.

Many thanks to Carina for this very special mail!


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. minkrancher
    Sep 27, 2012 @ 11:54:29

    Empress, I have another turpretation of Miss Carina’s work.

    Over cross the pond here we have somethin called Special Education for special students. They ‘rolled Dw in them classes afore he gone on permnant hooky. (One day he just climbed outta window and run off like you done when G-Man signed you up for The Cure over there in that quack joint.)

    I figur Miss Carina is talkin about “The Education of Dark wall.”


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