Bifidus Jones’ Childhood Farm

Une carte au trésor arrived at the Manoir aux Visons! This is Bifidus’ childhood farm and surroundings, detailed map and A3-condensed image of his world as he remembers it around 1972. It is the first time I see a visual poem of this kind (need new categories in vispo?) and I find it a stunning piece of art. The original work has pieces glued on and taped on, still visible in the copy, which I always like.

There is a whole diversity of material used to build up this map, between hand-drawn, handwritten, prints and cutouts of various sources. The balance is just perfect. One of my favorite parts are the fields all around, especially the alfalfa field. Alfalfa is a nice word. A MinXus kind of word.

I say favorite part but I’m very found of all the details one can find. The text-filled houses work really well along with the red barns for example.

Back in France where I grew up in the countryside my childhood world was pretty similar to this. The old family house still bears the year of construction, painted out on the front, just like the one on this map. There was a silo, the garden was growing exactly the same veggies, there was a barn, a cornfield etc… One thing we didn’t have was a dead animal cemetery (how civilized!) and…. a baseball pitch. There are no such things as baseball pitches in Alsace, no.

Bifidus, thank you so much for this map and the trip into your childhood memories. A real treasure that I am very happy to add to the Great MinXus Collection.


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  1. minkrancher
    Sep 05, 2012 @ 00:51:40

    Gosh durn if that aint one a the most strordinary visual poems I ever set eyes on. It’s a map of a place & a map o the mind & a map a memory.

    And the Ranch is a purfect place a for it.


  2. minxuslynxus
    Sep 05, 2012 @ 04:20:56

    Isn’t it pretty. Mappo? Nah, that doesn’t sound good enough.


  3. minkranch
    Sep 09, 2012 @ 00:47:50

    Empress, over at Yo Ma or someplace I read you waxing eloquent ’bout how Mr. Jones’ vispo made you ‘collect growin up on the farm. Dw & me would sure be tickled to hear more about your experiences with the farm animals & crops & such.


    • minxuslynxus
      Sep 09, 2012 @ 01:34:17

      Alright Rancher, let me tickle you. Do you see that inscription on the house? The old manoir back in Alsace bears the same kind of inscription. It says 1782. Pretty old. I suppose back in the days of that degenerate Rousseau it used to be a booming farm. It was also a restaurant. For hunters, in particular. The White Horse, it was called. As for the animals, hmm, that didn’t go too well. We had to get rid of all of them after I got attacked by a mad rooster. OK, I think that’s enough tickling for today.


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