MinXus mail: Mr. Eduardo Cardoso (Sines, Portugal) sends asemic, minimalist, visual poems

We have followed developments in Eduardo Cardoso’s art, poetry and books for about two years and have managed to maintain a fairly consistent correspondence, given that he has been very gracious sending packages whenever he has received pleas from us indicating: “Eduardo! Have not seen your work lately. Please send!”

From a MinXus-Lynxus perspective, Eduardo is a top-tier visual poet. Always economical, he is becoming a full-fledged minimalist, a mode not as easy as it appears. We are positive many will concur.

The two beautiful poems by Eduardo Cardoso showcased here take a very interesting approach to asemic writing. Hopefully, you can see in the scan that underneath a thin layer of paper is a line of text. We simply cannot make out what they say, if anything, by gazing at the front or the back of the paper. Yet it is obvious that words or letters are there, just beyond intelligibility. The fact that the asemics can be viewed from the front or back of the page also suggests this could be considered haptic or object poetry.

The small red dots, Eduardo’s trademark stamp, and the paper textures further define the piece. Here is the second poem in the group that also incorporates fractured language in the minimalist style:

“tema d” overlays the asemic text (a bit more coherent in this poem) creating a larger, angular symbol, should you choose to read it as such. In our view, a masterful use of language as material as well as, perhaps, a construct that provides some insights into the nature of writing in a metaphorical sense. Also a dedicated mail-artist and networker, Eduardo’s envelopes are always fascinating:

Some friends might recall Eduardo Cardoso, like Cheryl Penn (South Africa), has been intensely involved in Ruud Janssen’s (Netherlands) Fluxus word performance (based on an event score). Eduardo has truly given ZALOP a meaning in the world (note the cursive ZALOP on the envelope). We see ZALOP stamps and references to this day in a good part of the work received.  Eduardo’s ANOMALY stamp is a longtime M-L fav:

Eduardo Cardoso’s Paranormal Mail-Art blog is a treasure-trove of amazing work he has received from all over the world, his work, and a brilliant blog concept. Be there or be square!



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