MinXus mail from Ms. Theresa Williams (Bowling Green, Ohio, USA) in honor of Walt Whitman, H.D. (Hilda Doolittle), and Lorine Neidecker

Sometime during the unbridled wysteria that engulfed Solar Festival 2012, faithful correspondent Theresa Williams sent us this lovely material commemorating the immortal poets Walt Whitman, H.D. (Hilda Doolittle), and Lorine Niedecker. Ms. Theresa is well-aware that all three poets meet the requirements of taste and decorum that make them worthy of mention by MinXus-Lynxus.

We are so happy to learn that Ms. Theresa has been appointed (even if by herself) President of the New Arazamas Literary Society. We can understand why she was selected. Here is the beautiful reverse side of the “Lives of the Annointed [sic]” card:

We are moved by the sentiments expressed as well as the fine quality of the printing. Concerning Lorine Niedecker (1903-1970), who might not be as familiar to the discerning as Walt Whitman and H.D. (we always defer to Mr. Robert Duncan on that subject), MinXus-Lynxus very much approves of the company she kept and activities she was involved in at a certain point in her career. These include but are not limited to:

Objectivists and Objectivism in the 1930s (no relation to Ayn Rand)


Mr. Louis Zukofsky

Mr. Louis Zukofsky’s theories of the “poem as object” & his “Sincerity and Objectification” essay

Mr. George Oppen

Mr. Carl Rakosi

Mr. Charles Reznikoff

Kenneth Rexroth (an Objectivist drop-out, Rexroth’s contributions to the Poetry Chicago issue are well worth a glance)

Ever thoughtful, this mirthful tribute to the poets came in a decorated envelope:

And the reverse:

Make sure to visit Theresa Williams’ “The Letter Project,” a modern correspondence school:


In the midst of celebrating Solar Festival 2012, our spirits briefly sank into the squalid mire of despair’s gutter when our original blog, now known as MinXus-Lynxus I, was completely obliterated by a wanton act of destruction so cruel and irrational (or totally incompetent) we question if the perpetrator(s) can be deemed as human.

So as not to be silenced, we immediately established MinXus-Lynxus II, and Dark wall, if not already, became a hero salvaging material that many said could not be recovered from the ether. Yet some MinXus treasures have been lost forever.

Many of our faithful correspondents have still not found their way back to the blog, even though they continue to send work through the postal system. We can imagine their confusion when MinXus-Lynxus suddenly disappeared.

Ms. Theresa is one of them. We hope her comments will again grace these now-diminished but ever-determined pages.

Many ask us: “Who is the miserable culprit, the fascist who destroyed the art and wisdom of MinXus?”

We do not know ourselves but have determined it was an “inside job.” We were extraordinarily lax about allowing access to the blog’s administrative section. Perhaps it was incompetence that accidentally deleted all our work? That cannot be ruled out. Then fear and shame to confess?

Was it a “Lone Gunman” or a conspiracy? We have no answers at this time. A new security system makes it impossible for contributors to “blow-up” MinXus-Lynxus again. The destruct button can now be accessed by only one individual and it is with one individual that the fate of MinXus rests. Our current contributors should feel free, indeed are encouraged, to post anything they deem appropriate.

Empress Marie fell into a dangerous spell of wysteria and experienced a return of the periodic amnesia (aka ‘nesia) with which she is afflicted. She is deeply concerned that during her summer travels in Europe some scoundrel might have taken priceless MinXus codes and passwords from her when she, admittedly, was too freely partaking of the wines of Alsace over several days and locations she cannot entirely recollect as the result of the trauma she has experienced.

Another theory is that German customs agents procured the codes and passwords during one of the many detainments and humiliating personal searches the Empress has had to endure in order to enter her beloved Alsace.

Pressure to bring the culprit to justice remains intense. Fingers have been pointed in several possible directions. At the risk of implicating the innocent, here is the list so far:


Errorists (TOXIS terrorists)

Empress Marie Antonette

David Zack

We will probably never know, but we will notify you concerning new developments. We felt the subject must be addressed.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Theresa Williams
    Aug 28, 2012 @ 20:44:29

    Reblogged this on The Letter Project and commented:
    “Lives of the Annointed”–mailart and prose poem sent to De Villo Sloan, NY


  2. minkrancher
    Aug 29, 2012 @ 00:45:50

    I declare every time Ms. Theresa stops by the ranch it’s like the rodeo is in town.

    Dark wall is sprucing up the Bunk House & says every Friday night he & the mink wranglers are going to hold a New Arazamas Literary Society Book Club Discussion Group starting with Lorine Neidecker.

    They is going to give up the weekly poker game & leave their guns at the door.


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