Carina’s Perfect Mistakes

New mail from Finland’s star Carina Granlund! The front of the envelope is very festive (I love the yellow boots stamp by the way). The back is sealed with a scribble and a clear “NO”. With … a clear check mark!

The “NO” with approval of check mark is repeated several times on the page, along with pieces cut out from magazines, stamps, and bits of the text that was sent to her with the MinXus Solar Fest fortune.
Why do I not trust my mistakes?!  Carina, I will be lame in saying that this is a very interesting question, but it IS a very interesting question. To what extent is it right to be wrong? Why should things be perfect? What should mail-art be like? Isn’t perfect boring in the first place?
– The picture is a bit blurred but the piece cut out from a swedish dictionary says
closing the gap

That’s a poem in its own right! I like it.

Carina has done her homework avec brio and has filled  her fortune, Small Daydreamer. Is it a perfect fortune? Doesn’t look like it. Does it make perfect mail-art? Unlike what she claims, maybe it does! And just in case you had a doubt, yes, the work has been supervised by a perfectly imperfect blue mink.

Carina, many thanks for this wonderful mail!


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