Mail-art call: John Held Jr. & San Francisco Arts Quarterly Gutai group show (deadline January 13, 2013) + related call by liketelevisionsnow (New Hampshire, USA)

MinXus-Lynxus officially endorses the following two related events. You can send your work directly to the Gutai event in San Francisco (deadline January 13, 2013) and/or you can join a collaborative project sponsored by liketelevisionsnow (New Hampshire, USA) that will include your work in collage/assemblage pieces that will be sent to the Gutai event in San Francisco (deadline for the liketelevisionsnow project is October 13, 2012).

Call for entries to be sent directly to the show in San Francisco, California:

Gutai & Shozo Shimamoto

Organized by John Held, Jr. & San Francisco Arts Quarterly (

Ever Gold Gallery San Francisco, CA

February 2–March 23, 2013

As part of an exhibition on the historic Japanese avant-garde art movement (1954-1972), we will be featuring a Mail Art show honoring original member Shozo Shimamoto and displaying your thoughts and images relating to Gutai.

All work shown. No fee to enter.

No returns. Documentation to all.

Deadline: January 13, 2013

Send work to:


John Held, Jr.

PO Box 410837

San Francisco, CA

94141 USA

Call for entries for a collaborative Gutai project sponsored by liketelevisionsnow (New Hampshire, USA). From liketelevisionsnow:

A recent mailart project organized by John Held Jr. and the San Francisco Arts Quarterly on the subject of Gutai &Shozo Shimamoto (Japanese artist) is the foundation of this new group.

The Gutai group, which was founded in 1956, was made up of several artists in Japan. The group published a Manifesto, part of which expressed a fascination “with the beauty that arises when things become damaged or decayed.”

The decay was celebrated as a way of revealing the inner life of a given object or material.

What I’d like is for artists to send me small objects that have been damaged or have decayed.  I will then assemble the objects I receive into several collage pieces which will be sent on to Mr. Held’s mailart call.

The objects can be found decayed or damaged, or you the artist can alter them as you wish. The guidelines for this project are:

a.  No objects that weigh more than a pound or would be larger than I could use in collage constructions. (As an example, you can send small toys or other small objects like pottery, inexpensive jewelry, parts of objects like a camera or a recording device. You can send paper, photographs, letters, postcards, whatever you have that’s been damaged or decayed, or altered by your hand.)

b.  Please send only objects which are safe, i.e., no medical waste, human waste, animal waste, etc. You get the picture.

c.  Deadline for this project is October 13, 2012.

d.  I’d also like the artists to “autograph” what they send. Please use a marker pen or sharpie.

e.  Documentation will be sent along with the collages.  I will include all of the artists’ names who sent me something.

If you have any questions about what objects to send, please contact me here at IUOMA before sending.

Send objects to:

The Gutai Project

Box 360

Tamworth, NH 03886 USA


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