Mail-art call! Join MinXus-Lynxus in the celebration of John M. Bennett’s birthday – Send work by October 2012

If Grigori Antonin and RCBz are contenders for the title Godfather of MinXus-Lynxus, then experimental poet, artist, performer John M. Bennett (at least) deserves to be hailed Uncle of MinXus (or Uncle MinXus).

John Bennett’s work has had and continues to have an inestimable impact on (for lack of a better term) avant-gardists across the globe, including those concerned with asemics and visual poety, areas dear to MinXus. Specifically, discovery of John Bennett’s work through Luna Bisonte Productions and Lost and Found Times altered the reality of legendary MinXus-Lynxus recluse and visionary De Villo Sloan. Indeed, researching clues in the writing of Blaster Al Ackerman, leaving no stone unturned, Sloan believed he found irrefutable proof that Bennett was one of the “14 Secret Masters of the World,” which led to a lifelong investigation into the arcane and ultimately the foundation of MinXus-Lynxus after the heart-breaking failure of Trashpo.

PLEASE send mailart on the theme of 70 and/or John M Bennett to:

The 70 Project c/o C Mehrl Bennett
137 Leland Ave
Columbus OH 43214

From C. Mehrl Bennett who is organizing the project:

“John is a well known experimental poet and visual poet, head of Luna Bisonte Prods, and will be turning 70 mid-October 2012. John likes skulls and October is the month for All Saints’ Day/Day of the Dead/Halloween. I hope to have a venue for John to perform his poetry with other sound artists here in Columbus [Ohio], and will definitely display 70’s Project mailart at that time. If nothing else it will be available in a box to browse and well as scanned and posted to a documentary blog for which I will post the website address HERE and THERE and perhaps YOU ALL will spread it to all corners of the earth.”

To see current work by John M. Bennett, make sure to visit:


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. cmehrlbennett
    Aug 29, 2012 @ 01:21:33

    We did indeed find a venue for JMB to perform his poetry on his birthday – at a small gallery here in Columbus Ohio. I also want to report on the website address where I’m documenting daily all the mailart received:
    You’ll be pleased to notice that The Blaster Al is a regular repeat offender at the blog!


  2. minkrancher
    Aug 31, 2012 @ 13:44:36

    The blog looks great & we can anticipate the Glory of MinXus will rain down upon it.

    Also good news about the reading.

    Unfortunately, Blaster Al is deemed Anti-MinXus, although not in the Enemy of the People category.

    MinXus officially declares that it is acceptable to look at work by Blaster Al.


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