The Ineffables of MinXus – a last minute mini-exhibition at the Manoir aux Visons

It is very easy to find MinXus ineffables when going through my mail-art stash. As a general rule, early MinXus days or pre-MinXus pieces are even more ineffable than later ones.

I picked those envelopes by Cheryl Penn, ca. December 201o. The Circles of my (Mice’s) Mind. MinXus before MinXus.


Then, one of my favorite pieces out of Dark wall’s epic visual poem and series “Observation upon the Mammals of Alsace”. Study and Notes for the Treaty of Alsace, ca. september 2011. Everything that deals with Alsace is ineffable. And this one is also a masterpiece.


And the last one for now. A card I have sent, ca. September 2010, one of my first mail-art ever. Entitled “a pickle a day”! How so very visionary from the Empress, who seems to have a daily diet made entirely of pickles. According to Grigori Antonin back then, maybe the demons of Sloanism being exorcised. Not sure about that, but it’s MinXus in any case. And ineffable.


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