MinXus mail from Ms. Foxy Moron (Kingston, New Hampshire, USA) is an oxymoron for a pair ‘o docs to settle

Following fast on the hooves of Mr. Chester’s pig is this great add-and-pass from tenderfoot Foxy Moron. MinXus-Lynxus cannot resist participating with out “No more canons. No more movements.” campaign at the forefront, along with other Mink Ranch souvenirs. Here is the reverse side:

Our struggle with the (nearly) blank page resulted in what you see in the next scan. As chance would have it, Dark wall found an authentic postcard from a wool mill in Newport, New Hampshire, which we are sending along to Foxy Moron as it is possible she might have some interest in it and might be able to put it to some use:

And a page similar to this is also being sent to someone on the list of possible recipients. Our deepest thanks and best wishes, to Foxy Moron, which does not qualify as an oxymoron.

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