MinXus mail from Mr. Michael Orr (Clarkston, Georgia, USA) selected for The Ineffable Treasures of MinXus Exhibition

MinXus USA received a wonderful envelope of mail-art from Mr. Michael Orr of Georgia, which we are pleased to add to our collection and include in The Ineffable Treasures of MinXus Exhibition in conjunction with Solar Festival 2012.

This beautiful collage (above) is a fine example of Michael Orr’s work. We view this also as being a superb example of MinXus Formalism. Beginning with the grid, we find a highly structured composition, ranging from applications of geometry to color and texture. The result is subtle aesthetic beauty, a foundation of MinXus-Lynxus. Here is the reverse side:

We will provide a link to Michael Orr’s “cornpone” blog at the end of this post. He also sent along a very nice add-and-pass sheet:

This sheet apparently originated in Italy.

The “add-and-pass” is a collaborative mail-art concept that originated with Ray Johnson himself and is related to assembling zines and collaborative books. Johnson often mailed pages to individuals with very precise instructions concerning what should be added (sometimes) and to whom the piece should be circulated and how. In one instance, he directed someone to deliver something in-person to John Cage. The recipient followed Johnson’s instructions; Cage seemed to have been expecting the mail-art with its nearly inexplicable contents. So some early add-and pass works might be viewed as similar to Fluxus Event Scores. The more open-ended type is what seems to have survived.

From our own observations of early add-and-pass works: They were bulging bags of work with address lists and instructions. Recipients threw in anything they wished: books, collage, manuscripts, rants, found objects.  Less bulky seems to be what has survived.

MinXus-Lynxus is officially participating in this add-and-pass. You can see our contribution in this scan:

Here is the main envelope:

Here is a link to Michael Orr’s “Cornpone” where you can see many more examples of his work:



3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. minkrancher
    Aug 07, 2012 @ 20:11:32

    I reckon Georgia is too far south for Michael to be a mink rancher. Minks dont take good to that kind of heat. But he might be willin to trade mink feed.


  2. minxususa
    Aug 07, 2012 @ 20:17:03

    Michael Orr’s collage looks like what you would see if you were a chicken looking through chicken wire, Rancher. He’s like Miss ‘Becca. He’s a chicken rancher.


  3. minkrancher
    Aug 07, 2012 @ 20:19:01

    The collage is too Orr-derly, Dw. A chicken ranch don’t look like that.


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