MINnesota fluXUS work the Manifesto [Grigori Antonin for Rodents of Minnesota United] part 2/2

I’ve been studying for a week now and I am still not sure if all this has completely sunk in yet. But one thing is sure, “Marie’s reaction” to this page full of truth was indeed WOOOW!
The first thing I noticed without studying much is that MINnesota fluXUS is doing holism! Who would have thought! Amazing! But then again they do a lot of squares and rods as well, so I don’t know exactly where they stand on this matter. But I would say that the general framing of the manifesto is not all unfamiliar to me, and I quite like it.
Jim Brickman and Chris Isaak are featuring there. Probably not for their singing skills, the spot is already taken by that Pink Mink punk band. Maybe for a touch of sleek. It’s never wasted.
I’m not quite sure about Einstein either. And that equation, EB=FC? Oh dear, I’m not doing good at all so far, am I? 😦 Help me!!
Route 61 and Hibbing, OK.. So Bob Dylan is a member of MINesota fluXUS as well?? I think we should seriously go through our list of celebs at real MinXus, this is too much competition for She Rocola’s frail shoulders.
Gophers are born in litters – just like American presidents – yes, but do they have as good a fur as the minks? I somehow doubt it.
Marie Curie and her radioactive notebooks!! 🙂 MinXus certainly doesn’t lack in radioactivity.
Amazing how much there would be to write about this tiny piece of newspaper, I have only been scratching the surface of it, but enjoying it very much.
Of course Erni Bär the haptic werewolf has a place of choice in the manifesto, as MINesota fluXUS’ beloved and adored mammal. John Cage is another worshipped mammal in the family (this is just too much VIP now, we only have a mink ranch!). One thing I noticed, they have feet problems at MINesota fluXUS. They need podiatry. At real MinXus we are really proud of our healthy feet.

Anyway… this page is indeed full of very impressive truths. There is just ONE thing that ain’t true. MinXus doesn’t stand for Minnesota Fluxus. Grigori knows this very well, but he likes to poke fun and is just checking if I noticed the mistake. You know, like teachers sometimes do. I noticed, I noticed!

The back side is to worship, I’ve been told. I might build a shrine to free GA, but I don’t think I can do better than this fantastic manifesto. A stunner. And much much fun. Thank you for this piece of mail-art history, Grigori!

MinXus = MINesota fluXUS



2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. minxususa
    Aug 06, 2012 @ 00:29:39

    Now I’m sucked into this. Bob (Zimmerman) grew up in Hibbing? Duluth? An early classic Dylan album is “Highway 61 Revisited.” Dylan & MinXus? (but he would know all about Fluxus. “Music from Big Pink”?


  2. minxuslynxus
    Aug 06, 2012 @ 00:53:47

    Yes, Dylan and MinXus! Can you believe it. I really studied hard to dig this out.


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