Vita Minnesota – Unsuspected MinXus activities in a recreational State [via MINnesota FluxUS – Grigori Antonin] Part 1/2

Of course you will have guessed by now who the sender of the “art history” tea bag was. Who else than Minnesota’s world famous Gregoire Antonin. I suppose the lynx  squirrel  badger  Minnesota gopher (!) gave it away, this is MinXus matter of the highest order. Minnesota seems to be geared up for war alright! Should we start fretting? (like we don’t already)
The other side of the envelope is the front page of, going out guide for the “twin cities” Minneapolis / St. Paul (oh hi Bifidus).

I told you the envelope contains a lot of material to study, I am not even half way through so it will have to be split up into another blog a bit later.
So what do we have, let’s see… Picadilly Circus looks like good old american entertainment. And they have a Monkey Funny Farm! If I were under thirteen… Lutefisk sushi 🙂 sounds great! I’ve had both, actually. Not on the same day though. I’m sorry you cannot see it on the photo, but the flyer says – – – – somehow, this rings a bell of some kind. And they are all from MN, obviously.

Grumpy’s Art a Whirl 2012. NOW it gets interesting. A highlight of the Minnesota music scene, featuring… Pink Mink!! I think our favorite She Rocola is facing some serious competition there, take a look at this:

(Oh, this is really too big, don’t know how to reduce it, sorry)

But seriously? This girls mean business. Time to up your game, She Rocola!!


I’m not sure what to do about the free car wash card. I mean, it’s very nice, but we don’t have those “gallons” here. I will happily take the one year of fame though, thank you very much! And this text… I can’t really read anything of it! Some words are underlined… is this Grigori sending back his Solar Fest fortune by any chance?

And now the infamous Lynx. I should know about this, since at MinXus we are all sports anchormen and anchorwomen. Girls did good, apparently. Plus they are joining the olympic basketball USA team!! I’ll be watching, for sure. And I’ve done my research. You know that in Alsace we have mighty fierce lynxes. Well, we also have a Lynx team!!! Arm-wrestlers! Honestly, I can’t stop laughing…..

I am pretty exhausted after all this studying so I will have a nice cup of art history infusion. I don’t know about Batman, but I will leave you with a cliffhanger for next episode. Manifesto.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. minkrancher
    Aug 01, 2012 @ 16:08:57

    The world’s first Ray Johnson impersonator.

    Now the world’s first She Rocola impersonator.

    Don’t forget to submit your entries to “What is the deadest culture on the planet?”


  2. minxuslinxus
    Aug 01, 2012 @ 22:49:04

    Honestly, what has She done recently that is meaningful? OK, she might have better legs, although… that is a matter of personal taste. I like pink tights.


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