MinXus mail from Ms. Carina Granlund (Petsmo, Finland) w/ an exciting report on her visit to Walmart in California, USA

Mail-art by Carina Granlund (Petsmo, Finland)

We are tickled pink to receive a message from our faithful correspondent Carina Granlund. She has done considerable globe-trotting this summer, which has inspired some wonderful art. From work we have seen elsewhere, we gather this piece we have received is part of a series that pairs interesting images (Carina has a great eye for just the right image!) with penetrating – dare we say Socratic? -questions.

Carina has a gift for making her work interactive. Pieces often invite participation and function as Event Scores. This recent batch is no exception, and it is very likely a portion of a Mink Ranch evening around the campfire will include a discussion of justice systems, flags, and their signification – inspired by Carina.

During her visit to San Francisco, California, Carina apparently visited Wal Mart, which of course is a must-see part of any visit to the USA. She was able to acquire beautiful pink duct tape, and she sent us a piece. Most tenderfoots know duct tape is an artistic staple at the Mink Ranch:

Wonderful to receive work from Carina! We look forward to a continued correspondence.

Carina Granlund has a great blog where you can view more of her term:



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