Mail-art Psychic – July 27, 2012


Please remove the mink paw from my limited edition

A soleful glance

The trumpet of criticism foretells object thirst


A dream about punctuation

Telepathy cement

TG – goes with shucks

V – the first will arrive broken; the second will be liquid

Fugs impersonators or Col. Sanders

Looking glass narcolepsy

WL – dump it all on the floor

Stripy Goose Truckstop adventure

She Rocola’s mumps

CB – Holly’s terrier is in the storm drain

A glove lost in the underbrush is tomorrow’s beard

“Your biggest fan” – In the passage about flash lights, look for a slipper

Congratulations to Evelyn on her card table

Sub-door beneath the cough syrup

Venus sends plasma for life to change change the color

10% diaphragm

Ship’s deck aka slippery deck – poker

It is unlucky to mail humidity


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