Svenja’s day at the Manoir aux Visons (Svenja Wahl – Heidelberg, Germany)

Svenja Wahl regularly sends me goodies and it is always a great pleasure to see her in my mailbox. Her envelopes are always very well crafted and often come with a Japanese theme – those she is sending to me in any case.

Svenja included one of her lovely collage, some interesting ephemera, as well as the fortune to be read out at the MinXus Solar Festival. With her own personal twist, of course. Thank you for your brilliant participation!

A few days later I had the pleasant surprise of another postcard from Svenja. A masterful pairing of text and image. French, German, science, construction site, injury… and I love old typewriter blue ink!
Svenja, thank you for all this mail, MinXus still owes you!

And make sure to visit Svenja’s blog:


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. kdj5
    Jul 26, 2012 @ 01:40:23

    You two are a match made in heaven!


  2. minkranch
    Jul 26, 2012 @ 01:59:21

    Howdy Miss KDJ. I am a might glad you found your way back to the Mink Ranch, as you are a favored tenderfoot aroun these parts.

    We had a natural disaster, but I think maybe it’s business as usual agen. I’m debatin whether or not to make a full report on why the blog went down or just forget it.

    Now Miss Svenja’s mail to the Empress is a joyful occasion. Last Christmas time the Empress was detained in Germany & I gather there was a spell of cussin & spittin. That has nothing to do with Svenja or Erni or Tic Tac or our other German amigos. You know, IUOMA was in Germany but they moved it up to the Netherlands. Although we is a might concerned why Ruud aint lettin the Empress back in at the IUOMA.

    Svenja does MinXus-Lynxus might proud.

    Miss KDJ, in the mornin I’m sendin Dw up to the Mink Ranch Gift Shop & pick you out something special we’ll send.


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