Thom Courcelle honors Holism and MinXus (all this while knitting)

Yeey, a parcel from Thom. Always nice to come back from holiday with a note from the PO to pick up a goodie.

Knit item – 1 – Value: 0$


What a pleasure to open and find the sweetest letter, hiding a knit purse of the highest quality. Thom is a mighty knitter, a very mighty one. I am very much looking forward to using the purse this winter. Now I just have to try and find a matching imperial coat.

This is really a surprise-purse. When I first saw it I didn’t expect this item to be so extremely MinXus. Thom explains in his letter that he has filled the purse with things indicative of Holism. I think that is a fantastic and such a thoughtful idea.

Round stickers, some used up, plastic circles, tubes, buttons, pearls with holes… it’s a true Holism festival!

The major Holism item is a rolled up piece of paper with a printed poem, Thanks by W.S. Merwin.

Ooh, but wait, there are also a few scrabble tiles lying around. I wonder why…..

MinXus has been scrabbled! Isn’t Thom the greatest?!

Thom, I don’t know how, but you SHOULD get special MinXus Knighthood for this. I’ll put you down on my list. I was absolutely thrilled with this package, thank you so much!


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