Ms. Lynn Radford (New Brighton, Pennsylvania, USA) sends skull duggery, muttering, regards from Harold

Mail-art by DharmaDaFa Lynn Radford (Pennsylvania, USA)

Lynn Radford holds the distinction of being the first woman to receive the title “DharmaDaDa” in honor of her contributions to Trashpo and the DKult.

Her achievements, more often than not, involve the genesis of a Random Particle Collision Harmonics that informs the practice of Trashpo. This spirituality, as well as her undeniable talent, explain why Lynn’s work coheres to the tenets of MinXus.

We received this “Skull Appreciation Day” card from Lynn that has found a place in the MinXus-Lynxus USA Collection – Gothic Wing.

Mim Golub Scalin organized a mail-art show at the famed Mutter Museum in Philadelphia, and we are giddy to imagine (and it might indeed be delusional) that a version of this MinX-Goth masterpiece  hangs/hung/will hang in the Mutter. We certainly want to display it ourselves in conjunction with the Solar Festival.

(Our Research Department is stretched right now with numerous esoteric but of course highly sensitive and extremely important investigations. Eventually we will get to seriously documenting Lynn’s work.)

Many thanks to Lynn and best wishes to Harold.

If you are on Facebook (we’re not), this link might lead you to more info on Skull Appreciation Day at the Mutter and the mail-art show:


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