Minks like sinks: Ray Johnson postcard from Richard Canard (Carbondale, Illusion, USA)

A portent of MinXus-Lynxus? Picture of American artist and NY Correspondance School founder Ray Johnson (aka RayJo) circa 1968. Was Ray just taking his sink for its daily walk? Or was he secretly helping build the Mink Ranch? Reverse side of the card:

The internet has proven to be a positive force in mail-art. More artists are involved and better-connected than ever before. Yet is the artworld’s best-kept secret a secret no more? Some lament mail-art’s original charm was its underground quality, which is disappearing.

There is a persistent depiction that, before the days of cute-postcard-traders, mail-art was the exclusive domain of “brilliant conceptual artists and utter lunatics.” Our friend Richard Canard, for instance, was a faithful correspondent of RayJo. Whether he is ultimately identified as a former or latter in the aforementioned quote is open for debate (works for either Richard or Ray).

MinXus-Lynxus wholeheartedly endorses these points on a case-by-case basis, while vehemently taking a firm stand against them, longing with nostalgia for the past, while at the same time offering conclusive proof it never happened, reminding all Space Cadets Ray Johnson denied the past and the future (he never said this) in favor of the present, which we affirm might or might not exist.


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