Mail-art psychic (June 18 – July 10, 2012)

Mail-Art Psychic – July 10, 2012

Stripy Goose Behind the Green Door


Cid Corman’s underground day school

Hot mustard

RN – The cemetery is filled with teamsters. Ivory Coast needs clipboards.

Dust bowling – terra pins

I find defoliation pleasurable:

(1) sometimes

(2) always

(3) never

(4) 2 & 3

(5) 1 & 3

“Your biggest fan” – You will receive the floor of your seminar.

KN – Some men are clay. Wax the sockets.

Sarong skirts draw attention to trouble spots.

“Junior” – Scallops glow in the despot’s blue jeans.

add-and pass the unutterable chicken salad

Mail-Art Psychic – July 9, 2012

GW – Istanbul has found a use for shoe polish. Send separately.

Dyed golden pheasant

Dizzy spells are an indication of an intoxicating scent.


CN – fighting keeps your nails short

Stripy Goose does Dallas

“Pimpton” – Paris Review CIA scandal a jungle of paper tigers. We’re more concerned with “Where are they now?”

She Rocola’s dressmaker or swamp parasite

LR – Before: gummy. After: crawfish

Holly’s ventilator is in the storage unit.

Which best describes your relationship needs:

(1) Red or pink sweater with hearts

(2) Gift or meal

(3) Three-legged Alpaca

(4) 1 & 3

When it concerns fingernails, consider truffles

KK – the rainwater is unclear

Izzy – you are in the zone and on a role

Mail-Art Psychic: July 5, 2012

“A bridge to nowhere”

A mink belching flames



CM – the tree over Holly’s arm has been deleted

London Troller Girls

KK – girth is half of the dessert’s pencil pusher

The one you’ve been “scoping out” is like a grassy Noel

Eminem’s “_____ yourself”

“Ski” – When the flag is raised on a pole

Chicken Ranch in Algren or cloyster

Hey, was that a grouper?

JS – A turban in the coatroom.  Harvest the chipped beef.

Stripy Goose goes to the Queen’s Jubilee

Ray says: “Detroit in the summer can be intuitive. Where is General Motor’s centaur?”

CW – President Roosevelt’s dog

South African monkey attack updates

Your drama-filled life get ready to party no matter what you pull from your closet.

Mail-Art Psychic – July 2, 2012

May your close encounter with Rancher’s moonshine be reported an alien abduction.

Minks = Minsk

Red violet

“Tubby” – Nuts from the Druidic Ramayana Yage Tree

EB – dashboards are powerless against your inflamed drapery


GA – hope you didn’t leave any greasy fingerprints on the Dali

Turk aka “The Rush Limbaugh of New Formalism” – a shame Mussolini can’t get him a radio gig

The lunar cycle has brought de-greased microphones

KM – barter will not replace the gruel in your loafers.

“Company Man” – Jack Clarke’s radioactive dune buggy

RH – send the tea chest to Spain on Thursday.

Stringy waffles – spattered tarot – can’t see the wardrobe

A daring pick-up line will get you mitten undergrowth

“Tokyo Rose” – kimono = minkoo

Most pharmacists have three toes.

Mail-Art Psychic – June 28, 2012

At the lunar eclipse,  make sure the horn is working.


Famous shoe designer or the food value of milk.

On the plane be honest: “I am an Empress returning to France to take my rightful place in the Monarchy.”

In Germany: “I demand to speak with Klaus Voorman.”

Dave Mustane – Puppet _______ played backwards

TR – Holly’s finger is in the toaster.

KK – It looks throne together.

In Germany: “I never saw it before.”

Then to the man wearing the green shawl: “Excuse me. I seem to have a pebble in my shoe, which is causing me to limp.  Do you have pliers?”

The Russian is bringing a puppet named Mr. Punch.

You: “You walk with a limp. I have pliers to fix that.”

Consolation Prize.

Mail-Art Psychic – June 27, 2012

You will win an art contest that will change your life.

The harder you work the more the cooked mortar chides the pawnbroker.


Joan Rivers’ daughter

Nude Croquet or No, In Thunder

LR, send the first on Thursday & the second on Monday.

BW, you will receive a cake. Put it in the oven.

Tiny animal sensor

little t, use the floral stamp on the envelope to Wausau.

Snake, do not build another fire in the toolshed. Your position is compromised.

You will find yourself mysteriously drawn to chickenwire.

Too fat to be a beauty queen.

Holly’s left arm is in the fountain.

JS, you make a cute pair but romance is a nap on a vibrating encyclopaedia.

KK, don’t take any chances with live wires in the bathroom.

I received the one with the donkey.

Mail-Art Psychic – June 25, 2012

Green Night – Bishop takes Queen’s pawn. Check mate.


pinx again

“Thunder Thighs” – You will receive a dripping typist.

SH – Place the stew on the platform.

Salad walking

Just more garbage from Shirley Manson.

CP – Do not burn bridges until trolls are led to safety.

Deputized coatracks.

“Cap C. Pike” – Reply to the musical chairs. Do not reply to the cashews; they’re nuts.

erratic behavior of, 180-81

Blue Velvet star or toddler in Sgt. Pepper costume.

She Rocola’s muffler with warranty.

Body language:

– Lacking in empathy

–  Somwhat sensuous

– Total score: 7.5

Eddy – Mambo crabs are wearing spattered neckties. Boil your taffy.

Backyard Fun Badge, 320

I cannot pass Taco Bell without thinking of replicant pay phones.

Mail-Art Psychic – June 23, 2012

MR – Enjoyed watching them chew the goat carcass to a skeleton. What will we do next Friday night?

Tooth of Crime

King Albert – “They call me the hunter…”

Neon lime

“Viceroy of Deccan” – The cork rooster rattles the Third House. Send the conch to Horn Dog.

Tooth or Consequences


Venture capital to a panhandler.

SW – Get your buddy’s attention by shaking the rattler.

Zukofsky’s kid.

RD – Her Happy Meal toy collection now exceeds 2,500 items.

PL – A slinky is a thoughtful gift for a plump waitress:

(1) Order fresh-squeezed lime juice

(2) Point at menu. Say: “It does not say fresh squeezed. It said fresh-squeezed on Wednesday.”

(3) Always wear a crash helmet

MK – Her toy poodle has a message for you in its seabag.


“Cellblock 6″ – That should “make a man out of you.” Midget combat.

GA – Finger on timer. Disconnect red wire. Finger off timer.

Give your nails a hand.

Binky – Alligators on the terrace.

S____ Sh______d. Or Golden Fleece.

ES – He’s not rejecting you as a human being.

Snack food for martyrs

Fancy name for scrimshaw.

Mail-Art Psychic – June 21, 2012

Jammies? Found one in my boot this morning.

Ace of Hearts.

TB – The tricky part is boring the holes. They get bored easily.


Sort of an Art-Link-Letter

“Tire holders”

A-Yo – Cross-bred red carpets make the sailor blush.

Tongues 10 – Steal it if you have to.

After 2 minutes it should turn blue.

JLG’s ________ at Bernie’s.

MW – “I like the way the apples are hanging on the tree.”

Trinidad – The Yellow Rose of Texas has dented the chutney.

The distressed stilts give her a leg up, Nebraska

The less one does the better it looks, FP

Wayne, clean gloves!

Pork belly at her audition.

AS – Effie approves. The problem is her horse.

Repeat & rinse

You’re never going to believe I’m pregnant.

kkay – your worst cooking disaster

bent pink sponges

“Comrade X” – Do minks have pores?

Mail-Art Psychic – June 20, 2012

MR – “Elixir ought to fix her.” You’re a charmer.

32 – 681 – 579

Tupper wear.  “The Magic Mountain”

LLCJ – time to send Uncle Fester the electric sockets. Use address in Bolivia.

Yellow beige

Tarzan’s pal or ______ Girls

oQ0 – That”s disgusting. See a doctor.

You’re crushing on jewelled patterns that pop tourmaline mush in your espresso:

(1) Call the waiter

(2) Just walk out

(3) Big Tipper

Petrie dish – or pyramid tunnels

JD – Lubricate the entire face and neck , except where you have taped the mouth.

Yes, NEO = ONE. Did you consider Brian ENO?

Just another Monty Kantsin.

A page from Robert Lowell’s address book, AL

A baker’s dozen.

Flapper’s best friend.

Ray says: “Her dress was poofy. But I wish I had been at the wedding.”

But Syria-ously, folks.

“M” – skip a day or two.

Wax-producing body part or Lake Eerie.

“Your biggest fan” – Pull the chord before you black out.

HC – wait another 20 minutes before you do that.

Loose lisp shinks sips.

PM – To reduce the swelling.

VT – The tarot will advise you to expose yourself. Plead entrapment.

Mail-Art Psychic – June 19, 2012

A mink tooth in my cornbread. What about you?

Cucumber pressure.


LW, time to send DR the rest of your self-esteem.

Room spelled backward.

No, that’s Ray Bremser.

Withering tights.

Aka “Croaker.”

Mutton flanks in an ocean of fleece, right Carl?

“Ski” – try vinegar

Prune trees & bushes.

But would you buy a used car from Brion Gysin?

Shoe trees or crumpled paper.

Look in the bottom of Rancher’s spitoon, Dw.

Hound of the Baskervilles.

The word flirt comes from the Old French fleureter, which means “I’m stroking my dog’s ukelele.”

LR, a small package of safety matches.

MW, mascara tastes like a medieval carport.

Everywhere you look you’ll see stripes.

JS, The coatrack has quarreled with the panhandle. Send The Flash your lampost.

Carpeting. The fish.

Ma La Nga – Some French-Japanese guy?

Or She Rocola’s prune bushes.

Mail-Art Psychic – June, 18 2012

Big Ben. Gentle Ben. Uncle Ben’s Fried Rice.


WH – The loot is in the boot.


JH – “Take Five.” Wait. Make that 7.

Discover the amazing weight loss breakthrough.

Lotion ingredient or .

GA – third from the left. The rest are rigged with dynamite.

BG – The sleigh bells are crumbling in the recliner.

Ray says no one showed up. That was the point.

“Flied lice”

D.H. Lawrence – “The Snake” – from code name “Fox.” We hang on every word.

The reason they are going to hang us.

New Sentence or Old Sentence. I’d rather a Death sentence.

She Rocola’s favorite shampoo.

That is not your best outfit choice.

TS – GB says “Bottoms up old boy!”

Dave B__________

Sour milk, see?

RS – no more cannons.

Cosmic activity in your chart this week makes you feel extra stylish.

(NOTE: The Mail-Art Psychic has had a mighty tough run channeling the Eternal Network. Rather than re-runs, M-L is giving him a slot and another shot. Hey, it’s better than the John Cage Re-run Festival at Sub-MinXus.)


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