(from June 26, 2012) Can You Draw the Minks? Enter the MinXus-Lynxus Famous Artist Talent Scout Contest – Win Fantastic Prizes! FREE!

As part of Solar Festival 2012, MinXus-Lynxus is sponsoring the FREE Famous Artist Talent Scout Contest. All you have to do is draw the mink and you will be eligible for fabulous prizes, exalted awards and just possibly your work will find a permanent place in one of the world’s great MinXus-Lynxus collections.

– The Famous Artist Talent Scout Contest is open to artists of all levels of ability and skill.

– We are open to all approaches and interpretations. Classical? Cubist? Anti-Art? Social Realism? Crayon? Connect the dots? It’s all good! Just base your work on this stunning piece of antique taxidermy (artwork in its own right) by the late “Redneck Roy Johnson” of Morgantown, West Virginia, USA.

Here are some submission guidelines.

– Please send your work by August 1, 2012.

– You can submit a hard copy to:

Dark wall

c/o Can YOU draw the minks contest

PO Box 1314

Auburn, New York 13021 USA

– Or you can email a scan of your work to Dark wall or De Villo Sloan at the International Union of Mail-Artists IUOMA. However, we need a hard copy for the permanent MinXus-Lynxus Collection.

And if you should be so fortunate to win? Then c’mon down and choose: Door #1, Door #2 or Door#3!



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