(from June 2, 2012) At the Mink Ranch: Quit yer bellyachin about Dw!


I’d preciate it ifn yawl would quit yer bellyachin about how hard Dark wall has to work here at the Mink Ranch.

Some of you is all upset that you haven’t received your traptions and Solar Disks yet in the mail. Yer sayin I work Dw too hard and he dont have time to make all yer goddamned MinXus relics.

Let me tell you Dw has a pretty easy berth here given we have a ranch to run. You go out there in a few hours when the sun aint even up and tell them minks why they aint got breakfast and they is rattlin them infernal tin dishes.

Right after mornin chores Dw can set to paintin more Solar Disks. Tween you and me, your more likely to find him nappin in the barn afore lunch time comes round.

That would be the crux of it.


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