(from June 17, 2012) MinXus Mail from Ms. Ana Carina (St. Augustine, Florida, USA)

We first met Ana Carinia when she participated in the Refrigerator Happenings associated with the Glory of MinXus Exhibition. Ana’s art and playful spirit fit well with MinXus-Lynxus, enough so that we even gave her a nickname: Anna Karenina after the Tolstoy classic. So you can imagine the excitement at M-L USA last week when a fresh package of Ana’s art arrived.

Above is a beautiful piece by Ana Carina, which is a painted page from a fashion or art magazine. There seems to be some painterly reference here to Matisse, Gauguin or more contemporary Carribean art. The amazing aspect of this work for us is the use of silhouette or perhaps, stated another way, the reduction of the figure to black, white and grey, which works to accent the remaining color.

The diminshment of color – the desaturation – is very interesting and not, as is often explained in terms of visual poetry, a simple reference to text on the page. Rather, it seems to us an almost existential examination of polarities and a worldview that might ultimately be bleak. Ana has taken the process of desaturation and made it philosophical.

This is art that needs to be lived with and considered. Ana included a very nice digital photo:

Her work has many characteristics of the visual poetry you see in the network today. For now at least, I see Ana primarily as a visual artist and appreciate her work most from that perspective. She also included some found (or randomly selected?) material that is unaltered for th most part:

Is this Ana’s drawing on the left or found material? Many of us involved with Trashpo have acquired a recycling consciousness. Rather than discard and waste, collage scraps and interesting material are passed along to others who might find use for them. Putting this in the MinXus-Lynxus context makes the function of these pieces a bit more complex. For instance, is Mink Rancher the “Country Gentleman”? Again, Ana’s fine selection of material requires contemplation and perhaps ultimately very subjective understandings.  Here are the reverse sides:

Making maximum us of available space, Ana Carina put everything in a most wonderfully decorated envelope:

The reverse has wonderful stamp and the paint traces produce a minimalist field:

All in all, a wonderful and very skillfully done mail-art assemblage. Many thanks to our Anna Karenina with hopes for more exchanges in the future.

And don’t miss Carina’s blog:



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