Down on the Mink Ranch – “Damn y’all !!!” I yelled and fired off a few rounds to get their attention

Just come in from servin’ breakfast to the residents down in the mink shacks. Damned cold mornin’ up here, grey skies. The playin’ field out in front the mink shacks aint nothin but mud. You shoulda seen ‘em minks out in there yesterday when the sun peaked out for a bit. There was so much mink fur & beady eyes you’d a think it was one of them May Day parades the Russkies used to have.

So I come in from sloppin the minks & fire up the TV here. I see Empress Marie Antonette over there in France done received my “Le Lotus Minks” book. That whipper snapper, Dw, fancied it all up for me. Wouldn’t you know there gettin all excited about the holes over there in France like it meant something? Let me fill you in on how I come to make the lotus mink book.

Damned minks is always raising some kind of hell at the fences that run ’round the ranch. Over in the east 40 in particular. We gotta creek that flows by just outside the fence. The critters are always clawin’, climbin’, jumpin’ tryin to get to that there creek. I guess my water aint good enough in here for ‘em. They gotta go out & get a drink in the creek. Maybe they think they’ll poach a fish to suppliment rations. So I put up the ‘lectric fence. That slowed ‘em some.

Next thing I see, the minks is DIGGIN TUNNELS under the fence. “God damn all a ya! I yell and fire off a few rounds in the air to get their attention.” So all along the fence I got these mink holes. I tried to fill them in with rocks fast as they can dig ‘em. A few of the minks get out anyway and the lynxes get ‘em at the creek.

So finally I put up a concrete wall along the fence that run down six feet into the ground. They can’t dig no more holes. So I’m sittin around here one night & I start thinkin’ maybe I can make some fancy art about the mink holes – try to get somethin outen it and express my frustration.

I made the pitures for the book. Dw prettied it up. Then I gone down to the post office and sends to Empress Marie over there in France. She puts up these pretty pictures & writes all this fancy stuff on the blog. I’m tickled pink. I reckon I don’t know how all that stuff she sees got in there but damned if it ain’t there.

I always did feel in this land of the free that anyones got a right to read anything they want into something without the goddamned government & Internal Revenue Service tellin you whether its right or it aint.


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