(from July 6, 2012) Torma Cauli (Budapest, Hungary) sends brilliant Fluxus Event Score response to MinXus mail

Well before MinXus, Torma Cauli began regular correspondence with Empress Marie and Cheryl Penn in South Africa. Torma is a much-admired artist and longtime Eternal Network activist, so we set out to acquire some of his work especially for the collection sending him a bursting Minx Kit that included a signature plastic light socket (with hole). He did not disappoint in his response.

The piece above that he sent is postcard-size and is made of fused newspaper and other debris over a light button device or perhaps it’s a button from a car dashboard or other console. What is amazing about this piece is that it is HARD, as if it had been highly compressed or saturated in some sort of glue, although there is not trace of adhesive. It is an interactive, Fluxus work. You can press the button, but the text states: “no push.” That’s an interesting response to the empty hole we sent him and also provides an Event Score. Here is the reverse side revealing (black part) the still-working button mechanism along with other found material, including the reflector – at least it doesn’t light up:

The work was enclosed in an envelope:

And the reverse:

A million minx winx to Torma Cauli of Budapest!!!

MinXus officially recognizes Torma Cauli’s blog as MinXus Budapest:



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