(from July 11, 2012) Autographed Mink Rancher postcard to Ms. KDJ (Orlando, Florida, USA)


KDJ: Now that looks like one super deluxe bunkhouse, Rancher. And I can sun and pee? Sounds like heaven. Please put my name on a bunk.

MINK RANCHER: Howdy Ms. KDJ, that there is the ‘otel up by the road near the gift shop & Alsacian Diner.

If you is lookin for a more thentic sperience while your at the ranch you can bunk with the hands in the bunkhouse, which is a bit more what they say crustic.

Dw keeps the Royal Penthouse Bunk right bove his thats reserved for the Empress, DK & such. You definitely would qualify if your truck ever broke down in front of the ranch’

DARK WALL: Miss KDJ, I throwed Rancher’s card in with a buncha DKult business on its way to you. Empress gets to spittin’ & cussin’s if we put up too much Trashpo here.


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